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WO / LT.

1. Help co-host practices with the help of an Captain or higher.
2. Check on Sergeants and make themselves available to them.
3. Warrant Officers and Lieutenants should know the Code of Conduct. This should be verified from someone not in the squad. A Knight 1 or higher. Should also step up and offer help to Captains.
4. Be active with lower ranking members to establish comraderie and enhanced leadership skills.
5. Warrant Officers and Lieutenants will run the GB team. Make multiple teams within a squad. This gives Warrant Offfcicers a chance to improve leadership capabilities.
6. Warrant Officers and Lieutenants should be mentors to lower ranking members and should be learning from Captains.
7. They should remain active within the squad by showing up to meetings and practices.
8. Warrant Officers and Lieutenants should be enforcing the chain of command, by encouraging members to handle situations at the lowest level possible. This is strictly enforced.
9. Warrant Officers and Lieutenants should not be promoted until they have trained a proper replacement for them.




1. Captain’s need to conduct themselves accordingly to the GRM’s Code of Conduct and represent GRM in the best possible, while also applying this practice .
2. They need to host workshops for the lower ranks. Will need to coordinate with Warrant Officers and Lieutenants to get this accomplished. (i.e. recruiting, jobs and responsibility’s,)
3. Captain’s should help set up meetings and activities with the guidance of the General and Major.
4. Captain’s need to make sure that they have an Warrant Officer or a Lieutenatnt with them so they can be shown the proper way to host and run activities. They need to help keep the activity’s calm, fun and organized.
5. Captain’s need to be shadowing a Major, when the Major is coordinating activities and dealing with squad related issues, so that they may be properly trained for a Major position.
6. Captain’s need to ensure that Warrant Officer’s and Lieutenant’s are fullfiling their roles and responsiblities, guiding them when they need any assistance.
7. Captain’s need to be training the Warrant Officer’s and Lieutenant’s and observing them so that they can recommend people who deserve a promotion and watching those that are not fullfiling their responsibilities so they may motivate and encourage those members.
8. Capain’s need to be consistently active on the forums and promoting use of the forums to all the members within their squad and helping anyone who needs help understanding the forums and making sure that the forum rules are followed.
9. They need to bring any problems that the lower ranking members may have to the Major when neccesary and ensure that the issue is properly resolved.
10. They should be sending out messages to members on their squad tags reminding them of the activity times and days.
11. They need to observe the Chain of Command and promote it.
12. Most importantly they need to be active within their squad and getting to know as many members as possible and promote a friendly environment.




1. Major’s need to conduct themselves according to GRM’s Code of Conduct and represent GRM in the best possible way, making sure that all lower ranking members do the same.
2. Major’s need to ensure that the Head Hunters teams and Game Battles teams are set up and running properly.
3. Major’s need to be watching for Warrant Officer’s and Lieutenant’s who deserve promotions and also be watching for any Captain’s who need some help performing their job.
4. Major’s need to be setting up activity’s for the squads throughout the week.
5. Major’s need to help set up workshops (i.e. recruiting, jobs and responsibility’s).
6. Major’s need to remain very active on the forums and promoting forum use as much as possible.
7. Major’s need to be observing and enforcing the Chain of Command.
8. They should ensure that the lower ranking officer’s are sending out reminders for squad activities.
9. Major’s need to be going to the division meetings when the General cannot attend and Co-hosting squad meetings.
10. Major’s should be able to resolve most issues within the squad, if they come across an issue they can’t solve they need to contact the General for assistance.
11. Major’s need to get to know the members within their squad and help their squad grow.
12. Major’s need to be training Captain’s so that they can learn how to do a Major’s job.
13. Major’s are the right-hand-man of the General and as such should be learning how to do a General’s job.
14. Major’s should be setting up brackets for any tournaments that take place within their squad.
15. Major’s should not promote members past Warrant Officer, Lietenants and Captains within their squad without prior approval of the Padawan.




1. General’s need to conduct themselves according to GRM’s Code of Conduct and represent GRM in the best possible way, making sure that all lower ranking members do the same.

2. General’s need to be overseeing the whole squad and ensuring all that all organized teams are running smoothly (i.e. GB HH Workshops Forge etc).
3. General’s need to handle all issues that come to them yet at the same time they need to give their initiates the opportunity to do their job; they are the highest ranking member within the squad.
4. General’s are in control of the squad tag and they should be on it every day checking messages and accepting friend request.
5. General’s need to send out squad updates and info in messages, at least every other day, off the squad tag.
6. General’s need to be updating the roster to make sure that the numbers of the squad are accurate.
7. General’s are the one to hand out all punishments to everyone who is Captain or Higher, they have the ability to overturn any other punishment that has been given out, within the squad.
8. General’s need to be very active on the forums and within their squad.
9. General’s need to be training the Major and ensuring that the Major knows how to do a General’s job.
10. General’s need to keep themselves accessible and close to the squad, they are the glue that holds the squad together. Without a good active General the squad will fall apart.
11. General’s need to be running a squad meeting on a weekly basis, or more if necessary, to ensure that all information from the Battalion meeting is being communicated to all members within the squad.
12. When a General takes control of a squad they should send out a message from the squad tag informing all members who they are. At this time he should work on the moral of the squad and really get the members to know them. They should also set up a meeting for their officers to inform them on what he expects from them and the lower ranking members. After the initial meeting the General should still take the time to hang out with the members of the squad.
13. A General should be in contact with all their officers at all times.
14. General’s must be responsible enough to check there productivity within their squad. If they start showing undesirable traits this will communicate to their members that this is acceptable behavior. In short a Padawan leads by example.

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