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In the spring of 2004 the Galactic Order was founded by Carthay27 and Ligus as a both light side and dark sided gaming clan on Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. It didn’t take long before an internal war broke out between the Jedi and the Sith that threatened to destroy the clan. During this war two Jedi Knights CCL123 and Battles 14 made a name for themselves serving at the front line with Master Carthay fighting back against the Sith takeover. After several months of war there was a victor, the Jedi’s had pushed Darth Ligus and his troops out and gained control of the community. With the war now over the Galactic Order shifted its goals towards the growth of the clan, having as much fun as we could and becoming a family of gamers. The official date we use as our legal founding is March 25th, 2005 the day we opened our first website. Some of the games you could find us on back then were Jedi Knight Jedi Academy, Battlefront, Republic Commando, Rainbow Six, Counter-Strike, Ghost Recon, Crimson Skies, Halo 2, Splinter Cell and MechAssault. In 2006 the Galactic Order had a council vote upon the request of the Master Carthay to vote upon the first Grand Master. The council unanimously voted Master Battles 14 to the title of Grand Master. We expanded into playstation 2 and created a strong SOCOM team and started to compete on playstation. The clan was able to win the title of voted #1 clan by a community of its peers on Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. In 2007 the Galactic Order’s council announced two new projects making close alliances to help other communities grow strong and prosper like our own and sending team out to compete in the arena. Before the year was done over 50 alliances had been created by Master CCL and in honor of his actions he was appointed Head of the Senate. Additionally, several of our players ranked top places globally in several different arenas for Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. In 2008 the council decided to have Jedi’s go to all the different consoles to spread the name of the Galactic Order and to bring the values and teaching of the community to others through helping spread the idea of a gaming family. During this time we fought in countless wars destroying all that remained of any sith orders we could find. At this point in time the order had grow to 15 Masters and 27 Knights. Notable actions from Knight Fishyboy and Knight Coalesce in the destruction of the sith order known as Sabers of the Sith or SOTS. In 2009 this became the year of gamebattles and tournaments competing through out the spring and summer. Sadly in the fall knowing the end of the original Xbox servers were near the council recalled all its members from PC, Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 and asked them to get on either Xbox console and come play Jedi Knight Jedi academy until the server’s end. All members said yes and came back home for the remaining months. Most notable among those whom retired were Master CCL and Master Coalesce. In April of 2010 the servers for the original Xbox go down and the community starts to separate all different ways returning to the different consoles. Many people didn’t buy an Xbox 360 and the community lost the bulk of its members. For the remained of 2010 all the way through 2012 the Galactic Order stayed small with the few members remaining still playing together and reminiscing about the good old days. Master Carthay at this time decided to focus more on his acting career and moved into retirement as a clan historian. Master CCL took an honorable retirement for medical reasons. Master Fishyboy moves into competitive PC gaming and to professional paint balling. Master Battles took this time to help some of the clans that the Galactic Order had helped create most notable among them Knowledge Strength Integrity, Die Hard Gamers, Team Xiled International, United Extreme Gaming, Xiled Gaming, Loyalty Honor Respect and Black Wolves. Most notable among those whom retired were Master Fisheyboy and Master NinjaMaster. In January of 2013 Master Battles commissioned the creation of a new Jedi temple on Call of Duty Black Ops II. On May 21st, 2013, the council launched the new website and Master Battles changed his name over to Master Sean to create a new tradition of Jedi Knight’s and Jedi Master’s gamertags signifying whom the leaders of the organization are. The council also announced the creation of a military branch call (G)alactic (R)epublic (M)ilitary that will offer all different games across all differ consoles to gamers who can follow the clan policies, wish to be a part of a family of gamers, have a place online to call home and work towards becoming the next generation of leaders. In 2014 the council announced that both the Galactic Order and GRM will be taking part in the online campaign against cyber-attacks and against cyber bullying. The Galactic Order’s temple security forces headed by Knight Sizl could successfully stop all attacks on the Call of Duty Black Ops II league play servers. Knight Sizl and Knight Fate had successful defeated at the time the largest booting organizations xMPx and VGK. Special thanks also goes to 7D/S whom is comprised of former Galactic Order members who assisted in the defeat of both these cyberbullying organizations.As the year comes to an end several different leaders had deaths in their families that shock the leadership to its core.Most noteable among those whom retiered were Master Carthay and Knight Bull. By the spring of 2015 the 7 leaders had close deaths creating a dark period for the Galactic Republic Military. The organization faced a turning point that looked like our long-standing order would be coming to an end. But the Force was strong and several members fought hard to keep the organization afloat while leaders mourned the loss of family and friends alike. During this time Knight Luna work with Grand Master Sean to bring about a plan to create a rebirth for the Galactic Republic Military. With renewed faith and strong resolve, they both went to work with the plans to reopen the doors to the public and rebuild the only 2-year-old section of the Galactic Order. One of the biggest plans was to bring on a new business partner for the administration side of the organization, whom would later grow to be known as Knight Pain. In December, the doors opened back to the public and within the first 2 months over 20 new squads were created and the organization had regained its momentum. Before the years and the council had change us from a .com to a .net to increase our SEO. Most notable among those whom retired is Knight Sizl. In the Spring of 2016 we grew the organization by over one thousand new members expanding to Halo 5, Gears of War, Battlefront, Titanfall 2, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, three different Call of Duty titles and three different Battlefield titles, Grand Theft Auto and much more. Our website was redesigned with funds provided by our members to create a more up to date style gamers have grown to enjoy. The creation of new Knights was a major goal for the year of 2016 and Knight Pain and Knight Owl have stepped up as examples of what Knight’s should be. “Leading by Example” As the year progressed the Grand Master of the organization Master Sean was moved to the title of Clan Elder and became Elder Sean, while Knight Luna was moved to Master Luna and become a council member in her own right. The Galactic Order was gaining more strength and the community continued to flourish. We sent 15 different team to compete in different tournaments across 15 games major events included Halo World Championship and Gears of War Esport Pro-Circuit.Created a gaming house for teams competing in 2 different states. The community moved back to Playstation to expand the message of the Galactic Order on the Playstation 4 with Battlefront, Density and Call of Duty. Additionally reopening the PC server on Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.Most notable among those whom retired were Master Zeta and Knight Theo. In the Spring of 2017 a Padawan grew to distinguish himself and grew to become a Knight under training through Elder Sean. His name was RedLeader and is now known as Knight Red the first Knight of 2017. The council has unanimously voted to make changes to existing ranking system to have it fall more in line with the original design for the Galactic Order and has change military ranks to Jedi ranks with the hope of creating higher quality knights. As the year continued 4 new sponsors were added to the growing list of companies working with the Galactic Order and the purchase of a new vBulletin program for the development of the new website projected for 2019. Knight Red take control of the Department of Economics and helped the community invest correctly to generate additional funding generating an ROI of more than $5,000 to help support the further grow of the organization. In the summer a new program for the ranking system was completed and 4 new Jedi Knights were added to the growing list of order members. As we enter the fall Master Luna was named Master of The Order making her the new head of GRM. As the year was coming to an end our allies KSI Global had asked for support to help them fight their war and restabilize their dieing community. Master Sean, Knight Pain and Knight Fate had defeated the group known as hydra and left our allies with the teaching of the Jedi. Sadly their leadership was stuck in their new ways of backstabbing and deceit and followed more of a sith view then a jedi view on how to govern their organization. Two months after leaving the clan broke apart making a fourth KSI named clan now known as KN Killjoy Network. However the defeat of hydra was a great blow to those who would attempt to hurt gamers and made xbox a safer place for all to enjoy. Special thanks to Grand Master Sean for his endless fight to keep all gamers safe and teaching the clan leaders how to use a VPN and change their IP for safety from such evil. The council saw fit to bestow the new title of Jedi Elder to Grand Master Sean as he had been a lifetime council member for 10 years and created a new tradition of after 10 years as a lifetime member you become a clan elder. Most notable among those whom retired were Knight Duck and Knight Fate. In 2018, we enter into the spring with the creation of two new Master’s, Master Owl and Master Luke. We currently have 18 different battalions up and running offering 17 different games to the public on Xbox One and have 3 new battalions being developed for our Playstation 4 server. The community is currently over 6,000 active members and our biggest competitor has closed down making us the oldest and largest gaming community. This year we were voted the #1 clan by the Alliance of Gaming Leaders (AGL Organization) consisting of the 10 oldest gaming orders. We would like to thank all past and current members for the hard work they have put in over these last 14 years to provide the best gaming environment to all gamers. Over the course of the summer we grew to 36 different games across xbox and open a Poke’mon Go Mobile server. As summer comes to an end Elder Sean recalled all leaders from Playstation, Xbox, PC, Mobile and Oculus to hold what is known as the Council of First Knowledge. The council decided to relocate the majority of the members into the public social server as it created the new training program designed to make the organization a less work my play zone. his program is run by Master Luke, Master Owl and Master Luna to create the high quality Jedi Knights to meet the leadership needs as we lay the foundations for the new Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. With everything underway Elder Sean decided to take time away from the organization for medical treatments to return for the next generation consoles.New community records worth mentioning we grew to 36 battalions and 3 fleets, signed 7 new sponsor, developed an xbox api program to scan for security threats and innovated the new ams program.As we enter into the fall a transition we hit a bump in the road, Several of our senior Kights and Masters have chosen to take a retirement like Elder Yoda and come back for the next generation consoles. This lead to the great shrinking of the organization whom at this point as over 8,000 members running around studying to move out of there clone position into a Jedi down to 9 battalions up and running.Most notable among those whom retired were Knight Gold, GRM Knight Rex and Knight Echo In 2019 we celebrated our 15th year anniversary and in honor of this joyful time the council has offered an invitation to our oldest alliance of 13 year the Tiberius Dominion to merge into the organization to help celebrate this joyful time and add more leadership into our ever growing family. On March 25th we held tournaments across Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2, Halo 5, Rainbow Six Siege, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Paladins, Smite, Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny 2, Warface, Division 2, For Honor, Battlefield 5, Fornite, PubG, Monster Hunter and Apex Legends. As the celebration continued Elder Yoda and Carthay got together with the Jedi Council and went over an initiative to take things one step backwards and two steps forward. The council voted on the topic of Elder Yoda returning early and the restructuring of the ranking system going back more toward our Jedi routes and moving away from the clone trooper aspect. The council had placed Elder Yoda back as Grand Master of the Galactic Order. Knight Pain has been promoted to Master Pain and moved onto the Jedi Council and we have changed out URL to match the current vision. We are no longer just but now, & One padawan this year truly stood out among the rest padawan Scheg, who supervised the redevelopment of the discord server and now as only a Jedi Knight is the head of discord. The Playstation 4 server celebrates 2 years of consistent operation. The 1st recon battalion on Ghost Recon Breakpoint was able to hold the number one spot in the world for three months running. As we enter into spring 2020 the community truly showed what it has always preached being a family of gamers. The love and support each member has shown for one another during one of the toughest times in our country’s history, as the word fights the china virus is truly remarkable. Two examples of such members are two of our news Jedi Knights, Knight Old and K Rebel. We welcome back from their retirements Knight Rex, Knight Blue and Master Luke. We also welcome LHR Loyalty Honor Respect into the Galactic Republic Military. LHR Mario saw the best opportunities for our long time ally here in GRM and as such merged his community into ours. We have hit a new milestone with the companies we work with as sponsors, partners or affiliates. We now work with 16 different companies and are very proud to say Microsoft, Ebay, Sega, Razor, Sony, Amazon and Oculus have chosen to work with us. This year we will be pushing to double our presence in the E-sport arena and enhance our members’ experience through the creation of a full product line. Let us take this moment to give praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and thank him for blessing our home and our family of gamers and allowing us to prosper during difficult times “Emotion, yet peace. Ignorance, yet knowledge. Passion, yet serenity. Chaos, yet harmony.”


Established March 25th, 2004

To provide a high-quality unique and memorable gaming experience to all individuals on a global scale. We strive to give our members a chance to always have someone to connect with on multiple consoles in a fun, safe, family friendly, and Christian environment. Over the years, we have become an ever-evolving organization that is consistently expanding our member’s skill sets through leadership development programs. We believe the community should be built on more than just games but bonds of friendship, faith, a sense of belonging to one large family, and a chance to show off your skills. Thus, due to our beliefs we do our best to integrate your real-world knowledge with the online world allowing each member to contribute their own skills and learn from others in a fun way. Speaking of fun, we hold nightly events on every game. We offer in addition to sponsorship opportunities for our gamers, in house tournaments and a safe place to express their faith. The Key Values we stand for are Loyalty, Knowledge, Honor, Family, Respect, Innovation, Integrity, Faith, and Fun

GRM The Movie, The Movement, The Legends of Gaming




ARK: Survival Evolved



January 2024

[V.I.P.] GRM Elder Yoda

Grand Master 






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